19 November 2005

First post!

Christmas knitting is in full swing. I've got no less than three projects on needles right now! My current favorite is Knitty's Clapotis which will be for my very feminine, pink-loving 16-year-old sister Emily. The yarn recommended in the pattern - Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Bittersweet - goes for about $30/skein, with 3 skeins needed to complete the pattern. Although I love my sister dearly, I am not about to spend upwards of $90 on yarn! Knitpicks yarn was in order. I'm using sock yarn, which is thinner than the recommended yarn in the pattern, so I had to downsize from 8s to 6s, and I decided to use my Denise circulars and knit flat instead of using my old bulky aluminums. I attempted to start the pattern on the straight 8s, but I'm just so used to circs now that I can't go back!

The yarn I'm using is Knitpicks' Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily. I thought about using lace-weight yarn instead, because I found a color (or colors) that I love - Knitpicks' Gossamer in Caribbean. I actually ended up ordering three different colors to choose from - Star Gazer Lily, Caribbean, and another Sock Garden color, Zinnia. I chose Star Gazer Lily because it just screamed "Emily" to me. Maybe I'll make myself a Clapotis after Christmas with one of th other colors....?

No, I admit it: I'm a yarn junkie. I just like having pretty yarn around.

I don't knit for myself all that often, but I recently finished a pair of fingerless gloves with mitten flaps which are definitely for me. I have been trying to find a pattern I like for about three years and finally did this summer. This pair isn't perfect, at all, which is why they are definitely not going to anyone else! They're too big, I skipped a few rows that make a difference for a larger size, and the fingers on the left hand are shorter than the fingers on the right hand. But, they're warm! I used a gray worsted weight wool/acrylic blend I bought at AC Moore this past summer. And believe me, it's starting to get cold around here - they're going to get a lot of use this winter.


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