18 December 2005

From there...

...to here.

It's been a good day. :) I've never been happier!

13 December 2005

It was lost under my bed!

So this scarf has an embarassing story.

I started knitting it during my sophomore year of college (nearly two years ago) for my dad's 49th birthday. Shortly after I started working on it, I sliced my thumb open in a dramatic accident with a knife while working at Subway. So, on his birthday, I showed him the half-finished scarf and said I'd finish it when I got all of the bandages off of my thumb.

Well, that never happened. I've looked at this scarf with guilt a few times over the past year and a half, and I finally picked it back up for Thanksgiving. I needed something that I could knit that was not going to be a Christmas present for anyone present at Thanksgiving dinner. Remembering the cable pattern was worrysome at first, but it all worked out in the end.

But I still haven't gotten around to fringing it.... ooops.


Back in the day, I used to use Lion Brand yarn for EVERYTHING. I don't know why. I think many new knitters go through an acrylic phase. This was made using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in the color "wheat", I believe... I knit it in the round on size 8s which made the cable pattern VERY easy. While working on Becca's hat the other day, I was perplexed that I had to turn around and purl the back of the cable, and then I remembered that the last time I'd done a cable was overly simplified...

As far as Christmas knitting goes, I think I'm in okay shape:

Mom - half done
Emily - done
Becca - done, and blocking currently
Dad - still looking for a pattern
Grandma - haha, haven't even thought of what to make or what yarn to use!

At least I still have a week and a half....

06 December 2005

That was a snowstorm?

Jeremy bought a small tree and I contributed lights. It looks pretty :) I'm so festive this year!

Unfortunately, the snow didn't come last night. I was so sure that it would, especially since I watched the weather reports religiously last night and New London was supposed to get hit the hardest. And when I went for a walk around midnight, it was flurrying lightly. Oh well. No snow day.

I have escaped to Jeremy's for the night and, of course, have started a new project. I was eyeing this yummy yarn I bought for my 10-year-old sister's present. She specifically requested anything hot pink. So I bought some blindingly hot pink Lamb's Pride Worsted and a little ball of this fuzzy/feathery stuff to knit with it. I decided to make her Coronet from Knitty so that I could at least have fun making her a hat. The cabling is going very quickly though the fuzzy stuff is hard to keep track of. It should be the raddest hot pink hat ever when it's done.

I'm also dying to make something with this tweed I picked up. The red is for Jeremy (he picked it out himself - he wants a hat and fingerless gloves like the gray ones I made). The gray tweed is for my dad - unfortunately, it's just slightly heavier than the wool I used for the gloves I originally made, so I have to do pattern adjustments and I don't feel like it right now. That's why I'm making a hat.

But... I'm procrastinating by writing this post, so it's time for be to go analyze Beethoven before my thesis meeting tomorrow. I shall have to put the knitting aside... One of these days, I'll master reading and knitting. No, really. It will happen.

04 December 2005

let it snow, especially on tuesday....!

It would be nice if the reason why I haven't posted in a few weeks was directly related to me knitting a LOT, but unfortunately that has not been the case. First there was Thanksgiving, and although I spent a great deal of time knitting at home and at Jeremy's apartment, I hit a snag.

To my dismay, the sweater I've been working on is turning out FUGLY.

When I was up in Maine in October, I spent about an hour in this teeny tiny yarn shop in Portsmouth, NH. I was determined to buy non-acrylic, nice, soft yarn and knit myself a sweater. I picked out a pattern that the woman assured me was easy, because despite the fact that I can knit nearly anything at this point, I still haven't completed a sweater for some reason. I bought 7 skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Sable and got to work. I mean, it's not hard at all. The whole thing knitted up pretty easily. My only complaint was that it was boring - it's a top-down cardigan and there aren't any cables or anything to deal with. When I said I chose an easy pattern, I meant easy! The big problem is that it's shapeless. And since it's brown, it looks like a big, brown bag. It's very sad. I made the entire sweater except for the last three inches or so on the right sleeve. Part of me wants to finish it and sew the buttons on and just see what it looks like, but part of me already knows that I'm probably going to frog it and use the yarn for either Mariah or Samus. I don't really have any desire to complete a sweater that I will NEVER wear because it will make me look like a Bag Lady.

I woke up this morning and it had snowed! I had no idea that this was going to happen. Naturally, as it was the first "real" snow of the year, I took pictures.
I'm sure snow will not be this exciting come February, but the possibility of it snowing again on Tuesday and me getting out of both classes because my professor for both drives down from Boston... it's definitely worth getting excited for.

Oh, so the real reason why I decided to update is that I have begun my fuzzy feet! I decided to make these for my mom since her feet get cold in the winter. We went out yarn shopping last Saturday and I told her to pick out 2 skeins of Lamb's Pride in her favorite color. (At this point, everyone already knows they're getting knitted things for Christmas...it's no secret anymore.) Using 10.5 DPNs feels weird these days - I haven't used needles this big in awhile. But the foot I've almost completed has knitted up so quickly! I started on Wednesday at Stitch n' Bitch and was finished with the heel flap by the time I left. The only reason why I haven't finished and felted both since then is that I have simply been too busy... finals approaching and all. Anyway, here are pictures:

I don't know why, but I just love the way socks look when they're knitted up. Maybe it's because I know about the craziness involved with the heel part. This is the only time I'll say that socks are SO COOL.

We went to Border's yesterday to browse and chill out. Among other purchases were these two sushi kits - one came with a dvd and a rolling mat, the other came with chopticks, a rice paddle, and another rolling mat. Today we bought sushi ingredients... I can't wait to learn how to make California rolls.

To finish off the picture show, Jeremy cleaned his apartment today and I found this. Here's what Jeremy looked like when I first met him.
Grizzly Jeremy