06 December 2005

That was a snowstorm?

Jeremy bought a small tree and I contributed lights. It looks pretty :) I'm so festive this year!

Unfortunately, the snow didn't come last night. I was so sure that it would, especially since I watched the weather reports religiously last night and New London was supposed to get hit the hardest. And when I went for a walk around midnight, it was flurrying lightly. Oh well. No snow day.

I have escaped to Jeremy's for the night and, of course, have started a new project. I was eyeing this yummy yarn I bought for my 10-year-old sister's present. She specifically requested anything hot pink. So I bought some blindingly hot pink Lamb's Pride Worsted and a little ball of this fuzzy/feathery stuff to knit with it. I decided to make her Coronet from Knitty so that I could at least have fun making her a hat. The cabling is going very quickly though the fuzzy stuff is hard to keep track of. It should be the raddest hot pink hat ever when it's done.

I'm also dying to make something with this tweed I picked up. The red is for Jeremy (he picked it out himself - he wants a hat and fingerless gloves like the gray ones I made). The gray tweed is for my dad - unfortunately, it's just slightly heavier than the wool I used for the gloves I originally made, so I have to do pattern adjustments and I don't feel like it right now. That's why I'm making a hat.

But... I'm procrastinating by writing this post, so it's time for be to go analyze Beethoven before my thesis meeting tomorrow. I shall have to put the knitting aside... One of these days, I'll master reading and knitting. No, really. It will happen.


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