18 January 2006

Belated pictures of Xmas FOs

First of all, these are my mother's Fuzzy Feet:

This was my first felting project, and they came out pretty well. Mom likes them, so they must be warm and comfortable. She picked out the yarn herself so she definitely likes the color. They were relatively quick to make, but it was a little weird estimateing someone else's foot size during the felting process. Fortunately, I estimated correctly and they now live on my mother's feet at all times.

Here is the hat I completed for Becca, using the Coronet pattern from Knitty.com:

I used hot pink Lamb's Pride Worsted and some fuzzy novelty yarn with hot pink and neon orange fuzzies. It came out a little large even though I did an adult small, and the Lamb's Pride is a litle bit itchy, but it's very warm.

Finally, here's the completed Clapotis on my sister Emily (whose friends are all jealous):

Worn as a scarf.

Unfurled and worn as a wrap.

A shot with flash to show off the colors - they're surprisingly accurate despite the fact that I used flash.

All three patterns from Knitty.com.....how I do love knitty.com. :)

I also completed a pretty cool hat for my dad using Donegal Tweed and my own pattern. But I didn't get any really good shots of it.... next time I head home I'll make another attempt. And I made dishclothes for my Grandma and great aunt, but didn't take pictures because, well, they're dishclothes. I did make a few for Jeremy though. Maybe I'll take pictures of those while they're still clean.

Oh, and very little thesis work got done yesterday. American Idol started up and you just can't read about Beethoven when there are bad auditions to watch.


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