15 January 2006

Oh yeah

I forgot to mention that I've decided that my super ugly Lamb's Pride brown sweater is getting frogged. Like I said I would, I finished it completely, even sewed on the buttons, and it just does not look good at all. I did not block it, though I had planned on blocking.... the reason being that there is nothing that could help this sweater look better, blocking or no blocking. It's just an ugly pattern. The sleeves are HUGE! I had no idea - though after I made them, I looked at the picture again and could tell they positioned the model in such a way that the sleeves didn't look so awful. Also, it's nothing for me to be proud of - no cabling or interesting techniques used. Socks are more impressive than this sweater and if I'm going to invest the money in something large like this, I want it to be something I want to show off. So, unravelling fun awaits, and then I'm going to delve into Knitty's Mariah despite the scary cabling charts. It's a much better use of the yarn, and then I have a cute sweater! Yay!


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