16 January 2006

When I don't get hours at work, I'm mighty productive.

So last night around 9, Jeremy and I decided to go out to dinner. Unlike the weather we've been experiencing for the last month or so, it was so cold last night that the wind chill was below zero. This is after a day of 60° weather. Anyway, he decided that he needed a new hat, and that I had to make it for him*. I said, "what kind of design do you want?" meaning cables, ribs, etc. He replied, "I want stars and snowflakes!". I attempted to explain that that requires multiple colors of yarns and techniques that I haven't yet mastered, but I guess that didn't make too much sense because soon we were discussing chart ideas and buying yarn. I found a snowflake chart online, adapted it to fit what I wanted, and with the help of Stitch 'n Bitch (which I have never actually used for it's tutorial section), managed to create this:

I used Caron Simply Soft and some random chart online. Turned out surprisingly well!

*I did, however, receive a copy of The Princess Bride: Special Edition in return for the awesome hat. :)


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